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Crate Hire Services

Crate hire in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and throughout Scotland. Packing crate hire can be an important part of any office removal project, ensuring your documents and computers are safely relocated to the new office. All types of removal crates are available for long and short term rental throughout Scotland. Please use our contact form to get in touch or email your crate hire requirements.

Computer Crates

Computer crates available from our crate hire depots around Scotland, from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen to Aviemore. Computer crate hire is essential in the office move process when relocating computers, server kits, and associated computer equipment. Our computer crates can be hired for long or short term hire, ensuring your equipment is relocated safely and securely around Scotland.


L3 Standard Crates

L3 crate hire is ideal for desk contents and packing documents from filing cabinets, delivering daily in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. L3 crates are lidded and lockable and can be hired with extra security ties, ensuring confidentiality throughout the move process. Whether your office is moving across Scotland or internally you can be assured your filing system will be kept in sequential order throughout the move.


Library Crates

L6 library crates are metre long crates, available to clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. The library crates are excellent for library relocations, drawings, and filing system moves. Library crate hire is essential for keeping those filing systems in order during the move process. We can also include labels ensuring your documents are unpacked in an orderly fashion back into your new filing system.

Skyline Relocation offer crate hire in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Fife, Dundee, Perth, Aviemore, Oban, Greenock, Paisley, Ayrshire, Dumfries and across Scotland.